NetBIOS, NetBEUI, NBF, SMB, CIFS document page

A document has been produced that describes NetBIOS, NetBEUI, NBF, SMB, and CIFS networking.

This document is primarily concerned with the networking protocols rather than specific implementations such as Samba, which are well documented elsewhere. Network programming (and discussion of the various APIs) is also outside the scope of this documentation.

This document evolved from a collection of on-line web pages. Because a number of sites established links to the original on-line pages, these were preserved for several years at
On 30 June 2009, all CompuServe Classic services, including OurWorld Web pages, were taken offline. Any links to the above URL should be either removed or changed to this page (

The document here, which is mostly of historical interest, has been produced as a docbook book, in XML format. The document has not been updated for a number of years. The source files are listed below:

Standard tools can be used to convert the docbook xml files in to other formats. The document is presented in the following formats:


Note: there are problems with the formatting of some of the tables.


Note: there are a number of formatting problems such as the generation of the table of contents.

Web pages

The document can be viewed online as a collection of web pages.

Please do not link to the web pages because they are generated from the source files and will change from time to time.


This web page was last updated on 16 January 2013, the above document has not been updated for several years.

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