Datagram Packet in IBM PC Network

Details of packet structures for User Datagram Protocol in IBM PC Networks are given in the the section called Comparison of NetBIOS protocols in IBM PC Network

User Datagram Protocol Packet in IBM PC Network

From "Inside NetBIOS":

User Datagram Protocol Packet:

Table 3. User Datagram Protocol Packet

Field Length Description
Start 1 Start Deliminator value 0x7E
Destination 6 Destination Address
Source 6 Source Address
Length 2 Length of packet
value 2 value set to 0x5100
value 2 value set to 0x0100
value 2 value set to 0x0001
value 2 value set to 0x1010
value 2 value set to 0x0000
Source Name 16 ASCII Source NetBIOS name
Dest Name 16 ASCII Destination NetBIOS name
Data variable data
Retransmit Count 2 Retransmition Count
Source Node Connection id 2 Source Node Connection id
Destination id 6 Destination id
Source id 6 Source id
Prev Node id 6 Previous Node id
CRC 4 Cyclic Redundancy Check
End of Frame 1 End of frame marker value of 0x7E