Organization of this documentation

This documentation is organized in to the following chapters:


The various protocols to be discussed are introduced and a brief history is provided.

NetBIOS, NetBEUI, NetBIOS Frames Protocol

The NetBIOS Frames Protocol (NBF) is described in terms of the various protocols that were associated with the original NetBIOS implementation.

Supporting Technology, Ethernet and Token Ring

This chapter discusses the various technologies used when NetBIOS is implemented "on the wire".

Encapsulation in TCP/IP

The most popular configuration, NetBIOS over TCP/IP is described here.

Encapsulation in various protocols and encapsulating

NetBIOS can be encapsulated in many protocols and some of the configurations are described in this chapter.

Server Message Block Protocol

The SMB protocol, used for file and print sharing is examined in this chapter.

Browser Service

Although the Browser Service is part of SMB networking (and indeed is implemented over SMB frames), the protocols are sufficiently important to merit particular discussion.

CIFS and the future

This chapter looks at the latest implementation of the SMB protocol, now called CIFS.


Three appendices provide some additional information. The way in which the protocols discussed might be mapped to the OSI model is illustrated. Information on the original NetBIOS protocols in the IBM PC Network is provided. A brief look at Microsoft's Active Directory is also included.

A glossary is included for convenience. Following a Bibliography is a brief history of this documentation.